I recall another thread where the false SOS issue was discussed. As I recall, the Delorme inReach SE with the issue is the model that predates the Garmin take-over of Delorme. The Garmin inReach SE & Explorer have been redesigned with different buttons/keys. I think... the Delorme and Garmin models look very different. Rather than having a ďlock switchĒ the newer model has a protective cap over the SOS key. Garmin Inreach SE+ owners manual

All that said, if I decide to go this route rather than buying a new ACR ResQLink (in lieu of replacing the battery by a 3rd party at not much less $), Iíll have a Garmin inReach Explorer in hand to get a feel for that SOS key first-hand. Garmin inReach Explorer at REI. Itís always better to touch stuff than to take internet advice from someone you donít know. ...or Iíll go with a SPOT Satellite Messenger. Having options is nice.