don't overlook a small dip net with long handle...and working the edge of a mangrove swamp area for small fish and blue crab... a snatch hook is my preferred method of obtaining mullet (but no longer legal in Fla)... large weighted treble hook is cast across a pool of schooling fish and ripped through the school, foul hooking dinner... also, if you have a craft, a cast net is hard to beat

fish are pretty easy to clean... scale fish if desired,the knife spine works held perpendicular, but a dedicated toothed blade works best.... knife behind pectoral fin, make cut forward, repeat other side, twist head to remove and typically entrals follow...slit open belly, and open cavity... rinse and smoke over low heat for about 3 hours... use head and entrals for blue crab fry, fillet by cutting flat down the dorsal fin following the backbone to remove may be removed if you wish, by using similar cut...pan fry in coating of a mix of seasoned flour and corn meal ...larger round fish like mackerel and king mackerel, cut into steaks down the backbone