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At 98' MSL (mean sea level) and 70 miles from the coast, for what tsunami are you planning? Meteor impact or some other extinction level event...

Well, yes. Here is what I said:

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To some extent you can run what-if scenarios and prepare for those situations. Much of what we discuss here are just that in the sense of: "what if" that happened to me?

Be the situation a hurricane on its way, a tornado, wildfire or earthquake, the needs afterward are very similar in the way of shelter-water-food. The preps for one often suffice as preps for the others, basics are basics. Get the basic shelter-water-food for a hurricane and then expand for your specific what-if's.

Take the experiences of others here and use them, don't think of them in the abstract, think of whether those experiences apply to you.

I consider scenarios such as a tsunami, damaged infrastructure stopping products from getting to the stores, an EMP attack or some other attack on the power grid, war, the collapse of the economy and needing to get out of Dodge with nothing but what we can carry. Other than organizing and inventorying the pantry, I don't know how to prepare for those scenarios. For that reason I look at my pasts experiences for guidance and prep for those.

When I said "tsunami" I meant one caused by a meteor. For most situations mentioned, I need to bug in. How do I prepare for when we need to bug out?

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