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In a true emergency though you might be surprised how comfortable you can be in a decent tent with a folding cot, especially with a Thermarest or similar self inflating mattress.

Learned through experience: normal air mattresses (for indoor use) do not work very well in colder weather. Even though air is supposed to be a good insulator, the mattress isn't very good for protecting you from the cool temperature of the ground. You need a real layer of insulation.

It's possible to feel like you're "warm enough," but still constantly losing heat. You think, hey, the mattress isn't cold, just a tad on the cool side, and in a minute my body will warm it up nice and toasty. But that never happens, and it just keeps draining heat from you.

But fortunatly there are also insulated airmatresses. Soo much smaller and more comfy than a thermarest!