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A well pitched tent, with a comfortable pad and a suitably warm, cozy bag is far better than most houses. Best of all is the pad and bag combo in an open outdoor setting, perhaps within a rock shelter (in case of rain). Open air and the beginning of rosy fingered dawn to start a new day. Beats a stuffy old house any day....

I'm a city gal. I don't do outdoors.

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In a true emergency though you might be surprised how comfortable you can be in a decent tent with a folding cot, especially with a Thermarest or similar self inflating mattress. With one of those mattressed even on the floor in my Wiggy's bag I'm as comfy as in my bed!

Another item I have come to consider a real lifesaver is the LectroFan Micro! It's a very small speaker with a processor that generates a range of different fan and/or white noise sounds. It's terrific! Since it uses a sound algorithm it doesn't loop and the sounds are great. Not as many different ones as the larger version but enough to suite me. The volume is adjustable from a whisper to loud enough to drown out about any noise. It can be used with Bluetooth to play music, too. The best part is that it's USB powered and has a built in battery! So even without a power source you would have a couple nights of use. To me this is a big thing since I have trouble sleeping in strange places without something to mask the unfamiliar sounds. Obviously you would only use this in a situation where you can safely sleep undisturbed, natch.
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