One of my more likely disaster scenarios is a catastrophic earthquake. i am not talking about those magnitude 3s or less, which barely stir your coffee, but the BIG ONE, an event that will bring your house down around your ears. After shutting off the gas, and barring the presence of large fires (like San Francisco 1906) I intend to camp out on the premises for the duration. I figure my house will not be safe, but I will be able to retrieve resources from within. I have plenty of camping and outdoor gear and the weather will most likely be fairly benign. No point in evacuating.

A wildfire is another possibility. In that case, get out of Dodge, but probably not all that far. Gather up the people,pets,personal stuff and BUG OUT - to a suitable cheap motel or similar.

I am glad that I am thinking and preparing for both major strategies - when something actually does come down, I should be able to respond appropriately.
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