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I don't know what I would do if I had to sleep in a tent. My experience of roughing it is on the floor of a house with no water or electricity.

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You would probably fall asleep after a bit. I have slept on a variety of house floors and numerous tents in all sorts of conditions, and sleep conquers all, eventually. A well pitched tent, with a comfortable pad and a suitably warm, cozy bag is far better than most houses. Best of all is the pad and bag combo in an open outdoor setting, perhaps within a rock shelter (in case of rain). Open air and the beginning of rosy fingered dawn to start a new day. Beats a stuffy old house any day....

During the last extended power outage in these parts, a friend in a rapidly cooling apartment building resorted to pitching his tent on his bed to create a warm and cozy microclimate. He said a lot his rough it in the woods gear was put to use for a few days - right inside his apartment, while his neighbours bugged out to go find warmth elsewhere.
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