For stuff that needs to be gathered a physical checklist with items and storage space is helpful (I do that for e. g. my CAS equipment). It avoids chaos and ensures the things are there. It makes collecting the items as team easier to.
Your BOB list has Thermarest in it. Those pads do not react well on being stored rolled up for a long time. Thre might be better options.
Your BOB list is fairly long. Do not only make a thought exercise. Try to actually fit the equipment into the available room in the car. The bug-out scenario is not the time to discover that the items claim more space than is available. It also gives you an idea about the required time.
Create a packing sequence (maybe reflected in the check list). You may wish to have some items available without digging through a lot of other stuff.
If it isnīt broken, it doesnīt have enough features yet.