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This is in no way a complete or final list. It's an on-going exercise, but I am going to try to round up my top ten items ASAP so they are ready to go. Any advice, as always, is welcome and appreciated!

One: Let experience be your teacher. You have seen my posts on my EDC. You know what situations you have faced in the past. Assume any of those will happen in the future and prep accordingly.

Two: Use what is comfortable and familiar to you. If you have an unplanned overnighter on the floor of a house with no electricity and water, having items that have the comforts of home is a good thing. That is not always possible. If you have yogurt for breakfast every morning, packing yogurt with you would not be practical.

Three: If you bring a comfort item that requires some sort of resource, what are the chances of that resource being available? Example: if you bring Coffee Singles for coffee, consider what is the likelihood of hot water being available.

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