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...the 14" wrench will put your hands and body too close to the vehicle body and if that wrench slips off the nut when you are prying to loosen it, your hands and knuckles can take a nasty ride into some hard steel...

I always seem to end up bloody, no matter what. I told nephew1 that the first thing I do, when I have to work on the truck, is raise the hood, lay my left hand on the fender, and give it a good enough whack with a wrench, to draw blood. THAT'S my sacrifice to the gods. Sometimes it works, perhaps only enough to keep in the forefront: "Jeez, I don't want to do that again, today."

Mechanix makes a pair of gloves with soft rubber along the back of the fingers and knuckles. Dexterity, while not as good as single use nitrile gloves, is still surprisingly good for the amount of protection it offers.


In other news: started passport applications for the wife and kids and got serious about my diet.
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