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Try a ~36"/1m long 1/2" drive cheap breaker bar w/ deep impact socket. The impact rating on the socket is important. I managed to split a normal deep socket at the corner with the bar using it on lug nuts put on with an impact wrench.

I always keep a little WD-40 in the kit as well. And a little trick I learned as a kid opening Mom's pickle jars -- by using sharp blows to vibrate the lug nut free. Why use excessive force when a little know-how and technique work better?

But that's not where I often have a problem, its the seal at the hub itself. In the past I have resorted to mule kicking the rim to release the seal. smile These little tricks come from experience, you won't find any of these tips in the Owners Manual.

A little coating of ceramic grease on the inner edge of the wheel that contacts the hub prevents that. It's the part of rusts a little and gets stuck to the hub. Don't apply grease on the flat surface, where the wheel touches the hub. It's not only the bolt holding the wheels, but also the friction of the surfaces on each other.