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I really prefer a universal type lug wrench such as this one on amazon.com. Nothing special about that particular lug wrench, they're fairly generic, but that design gives you much better control and power over the cheap one size POS lug wrenches that come in your car's kit.

If anyone is looking to purchase a 4 way lug wrench, make sure to get a 20" model as those little 14' models do not give a person a lot of leverage. Also depending on vehicle fenders (flare) and rims, the 14" wrench will put your hands and body too close to the vehicle body and if that wrench slips off the nut when you are prying to loosen it, your hands and knuckles can take a nasty ride into some hard steel. Not to mention what could also happen to your face and head being that close to the vehicle when the wrench slips.

Also, these wrenches are made separately in SAE and Metric sizes. However there are also a lot of hybrid wrenches on the market that are both SAE and metric combined which take a comprise fit on the different SAE and metric lug nut sizes. It is best to avoid those hybrid wrenches and determine which lug nuts your vehicle requires and purchase either the SAE or metric only.

Yep, you bet. I got the larger metric wrench (better leverage) -2015 Ford Escape. Canadian Tire had both sizes. Then I walked outside and ensured it fitted the vehicle before driving away from the parking lot. "My Mamma didn't raise no dummies!"