I was a looking for a new one so my friend gifted me with a new edc/ghb "purse" yesterday.

It's a unisex shoulder bag, similar to a messenger bag. It's bigger than my old one and seems to be made of more durable material:

Exterior Dimensions: 12" x 11" x 4"
Linear Inches: 27"
Weight: 1 lb
Material: 420 High Density Nylon

Here's a link in case anyone is interested: Derek Alexander North/South Full Flap Carry On - Unisex

I moved all my EDC purse gear into it, and with the new carrying capacity, I winterized. I added a 16 oz Kleen Kanteen, a toque, a pair of gloves, a pair of merino wool socks and a couple more chemical hand warmers. I also added a couple packs of instant oatmeal and an mre spoon/condiment pack, topped up the OTC meds and bandaids, switched out batteries, and generally checked the condition of all the contents.

Everything fits with room to spare, and it's light enough that there's no risk of leaving it behind because it's too heavy or bulky.

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