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Try a ~36"/1m long 1/2" drive cheap breaker bar w/ deep impact socket. The impact rating on the socket is important. I managed to split a normal deep socket at the corner with the bar using it on lug nuts put on with an impact wrench.

I also carry a breaker bar in the truck along with impact sockets to fit the truck lug nuts and our 2 other trailer lug nut sizes. The breaker bar takes far less room under the seat then a 4 way wrench does.

For those who have frozen lug nuts, chances are the garage or tire shop tech torqued them on way too tight. Way back in the day when I worked in a garage, we used to take a Sharpie and write the proper lug nut torque limit on the inside of the vehicles hubcaps. That way, next time the customer brought in their vehicle, it would save us time from having to look up torque values in various vehicle manuals. Nowadays, lug nut torque information is available on the internet for just about any vehicle.
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