Good idea about adding a "snipe" (cheater bar) to the car kit. I keep forgetting to do it. BTW, impact wrenches have a clutch to adjust the amount of torque, so a competent operator will match it to the vehicle, while a "lug nut" may leave it on the F-350 setting.

- Getting new winter tires for the other car (once you use dedicated winter tires, you never go back to the laughably named "all seasons")

- Checking the car kits and adding warm clothing and some emergency food

- Shopping for a natural gas fireplace insert for our upstairs fireplace (this will be the type that can operate without electricity; more expensive, but highly reliable since our gas distribution is not directly dependent on the grid

- Planning an emergency wood heat system for my old-style basement fireplace (one that adds more heat than it sucks out) to protect pipes from freezing

- Setting up a tarp woodshed; I have a lot of standing dead spruce that will come down after the ground freezes