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Having seen what comes out of a boat drain hole -- spilled fuel and oil, battery acid, bird droppings, all sorts of rancid bait and fish goo -- I'd be interested to see how usable the water would be. Certainly better than nothing, but the fuel and oil seem worrisome.

I keep the boat immaculate and it is washed thoroughly inside and out after every outing. There is never any worry about battery acid (no battery as the motor is pull start), no worry about oil as none is carried as the motor is 4 stroke, so never need to mix oil and gas. As for rancid bait and fish goo, not in my boats...ever.

The main purpose of that water though would be for other uses then drinking, but if it ever came down to it, with some filtering, I would not hesitate to drink the water from the boat.

As for bird droppings, you have drank water from a lake or river at some point in your life, right?

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