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Working on repacking bags for Fall/Winter here. Personal fitness goals - 10 mile hike. Adding home lighting. Rotating food stocks.

I've been doing the same thing with our packs, Teacher. The Fall is always tricky because it's a transition season but this year Mother Nature seems to be really conflicted. Yesterday was sweltering and we're going right back to wet and cold tomorrow. I feel like I need to pack bathing suits and wool sweaters right now. LOL!

Personal fitness is back on the top of my priority list too. I basically stopped exercising in August. When the heat and humidity hit I stopped riding my bike, and my daughter is old enough to hike on her own two feet now. The problem with that is that it's takes the work-out out of hiking for me. I carry a pack to make it more challenging but our pace isn't fast enough. I'm putting solo hiking back on my weekly agenda as much for my mental health as for my physical heath.
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