I participated in a two week long excavation requiring us to camp out, giving me a chance to use some of my "stuff." Things that worked - most of my Goal Zero gear,especially their Mini Lighthouse lantern,our latrine setup which used a five gallon bucket and plastic bags with gel packs, my rechargeable batteries (mostly Eneloops), and fingerless belay gloves (allows dexterity while protecting against blisters).

What didn't work so well were my solar showers, mostly because we got back to camp just at dusk and they were a bit cool. It was just easier to swab off with wipe cloths and call it clean. I also learned that nothing beats tortilla chips and salsa for a first course (together with beer) at the end of a long, dusty day....

Like we say in a companion thread, you gotta get out and use this stuff from time to time.
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