I think it is cultural hubris to assume people pounding out brass bells are living in abject despair. WE may think happiness is a microwave and the traditional mexican chimeria stove something for the patio. A mexican indian may prefer the chimeria over the ecological and cultural destruction to bring electrical power to run that microwave and roads through his fields to import Kerr Magee corn tortillas from Iowa. The world simply cannot support the american living standard, the first Ferrari showroom opening in Beijing aside. We can't keep it up ourselves. Gasoline, a finite resource is slowly approaching HALF the price our european friends pay. When those Pliestocene deux ex machina SUVs stagger to a final stop there will be no train system europe has. Then we better hope cobblers are around to repair our hiking boots. $200 nikes made for pennies in Vietnam won't cut it. Walmart and world trade? "let me save you from drowning, said the monkey to the fish as he put him up a tree."