You have to understand that if we could get an appreciable number of people to lower any self-serving corporate entities profit on the front end (The things they sell to make a profit on.), they have built in "backdoor loopholes" that allow them to deduct those "paper losses" from what little taxes they already pay. If you have ever attended Union meetings regularly, you find mostly the same people there while a whole lot more than show up complain. That situation is even worse with the public at large. Ever since the Regan era, Unions have been losing clout, value as organizations, and members.

Look at the amount your average politician gets in contributions and you will quickly realize that if you spend money that you save (No matter where or how you save it.), the people as a group could probably outspend and elect politicians it wants because the business interests that corrupt our system wouldn't be able to keep up the pace on a continuos basis.

The Chevy Beretta I drive (I'll bet you thought I drove foreign!?.) is made in large part (I don't know if it is a majority.) in Canada; does that mean I am buying Anti-American?

I want wal-marts tactics stopped as well as other large America corrupting corporations, sports teams, charity groups (No one cuts off the Boy Scouts from my money because the Scouts won't allow certain individuals to serve as leaders. I don't give to the United Way anymore.) or psuedo non-profit groups. That happens at the legislative level and everything else which hurts them a little or not at all can't begin to help as fast as having the laws changed.

An old Hawiai Five-O episode had a saying I like very much that says; "Behind every smile, there are teeth". Smile at these problems until you have the teeth (Laws) close enough to bite them.

We do agree, just that we believe in fighting differently.