Boy, are you in luck! I inventoried all my headlamps the other day and I have at least thirteen, not counting those of my wife and daughter. Most of these are low tech, like the Tikkina. They are of vast sentimental and historic value, but you can probably talk me out of them for about 90 bucks apiece......

Actually, my Zabralight operates very simply. Press the "On" button until it cycles to the level you desire and then release. At the appropriate level for reading in bed, I have something like 250 hours of light (or 5 hours at 1000 lumens, more or less) and over 500 hours at the lowest level. Recharging takes about five hours, if completely depleted.

I value simplicity highly but the versatility offered by new models of rechargeables is even better. The blinking, SOS, etc.modes are there but are not normally encountered in routine oeration.
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