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Oddly enough, I prepared by using a new headlamp to read in bed before nodding off (the stationary lights in the bedroom cast a very uncomfortable glare).

It's getting very difficult to find a good "bedtime reading" headlamp. It seems like all the newer ones are designed to light up a path as long as a football field. Or they have so many blinky/flashy modes that it takes forever to cycle through those, making the headlamp useless to me.

My current reading headlamp, I hope it never breaks because they don't make it any more, is a "Petzl Tikkina 2". https://www.rei.com/product/793266/petzl-tikkina-2-led-headlamp# Older style with only two low power LEDs. About ten lumens on low, and lasts FOREVER on a set of batteries (several YEARS in my case!) And it only has high/low/off modes.

What good reading headlamp do others use? Eventually I will need to replace mine. I want low power, glare-free, and not all those stupid flashy modes.

I've found that putting a small piece of frosted Scotch Tape over the LEDs will give a much smoother and glare-free light pattern for reading.