The snow and ice replaced our nice Spring day yesterday too, while I was at work, planning to walk home. I checked the weather forecast before I left though. I dressed expecting a cold and wet walk, and also brought my rain gear, micro spikes, trekking pole and headlamp with me. I was fortunate that the rain early in the day had just turned to snow when I headed out, so it wasn't too slippery yet.

Today's lesson here will also be patience. The weather is miserable and the roads are a mess, but I have to go to work late this afternoon. Keeping en eye on the sky and forecast. Hopefully, we'll get a "CANCELLED" email from the big boss today if the weather doesn't improve. Otherwise, I'm leaving lots of extra time, taking my bigger GHB in case I get stuck, and I'll probably take the bus instead of going on foot or by bike. No point risking a broken hip if I don't have to.

Thanks to Les, I changed all the batteries in my GHB lights yesterday. Fresh batteries in my headlamp gave me more peace of mind on my dark and slippery walk home. I probably would have ended up with a frozen foot from a soaker without it. Thanks Les!
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