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Last night a heavy wet spring snowstorm arrived after a lovely 70F day.

I'm in your same snow storm. I'm halfway between Denver and Boulder. Luckily I work from home, so no issues. But the wife took off for a meeting at her work (not the best plan IMHO). She made it, but got the truck high centered on a drift on unplowed suburban streets. She dug out (using the super heavy duty windshield snow brush!) and made it to work and back home.

So, for the "What did you do today to prepare?" question, I will point out to her that it would have been easier had she used the shovel that I keep stored back in the bed of the truck. But before that, I should go make sure it's still there. My wife has a bad habit of "clearing out my stuff" from the bed of the truck to make room for all the miscellaneous junk she likes to haul around. "My stuff" is there for a reason, sigh, I guess I just need to convince her what for.