Today I am practicing patience.

Last night a heavy wet spring snowstorm arrived after a lovely 70F day.

My drive to work was one of the top 3 worst I've had in 12 years of commuting 50 miles each way. Snow wasn't plowed yet and the snow was deep slush plus it was snowing very, very hard so headlights just shone on a mass of white flakes instead of the road (dark).

I'm safe at work where about 25% of the population made it.
There seems to be 2 feet of snow on the patio tables outside so far.

I'm watching the storm on weather radar. It appears to be abating from north to south but will take awhile to abate here.

My reflexes want me to pack up and get out and run home (north). My mind says that waiting for the storm to abate will let the snowplows catch up and clear the roads better.

We still have lights and heat here at work. Internet and intranet is intermittent. And I have a stash of instant oatmeal to eat if needed.

Patience. Leave when the timing is better. Don't hurry out into the madness..........