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Question here about Sterno stuff

If weight & bulk are not a factor, does using two cans of sterno help speed up heating and cooking ??
I mean using BOTH sterno cans under the pot simultaneously. Think of a long-ish pot like the canteen cup with 2 sterno cans underneath.

Yes, doubling the firepower speeds up heating and cooking

Increasing diameter of fire burns fuel faster.

A 2 hour burn time can of sterno (~7oz can) has about 5,500 BTU
So about 45 BTU per minute

If it takes 15-25 minutes using existing sterno opening to boil some water (half liter or two cups ) , that is some 675BTU - 1125BTU

By doubling the hole size, increasing the burn rate to 90 BTU per minute, it should take half the time, or 7-13 minutes

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sterno can boil in ~12 minutes
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