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I use Esbit-style stoves, but with Hexamine fuel that does not leave a residue. I've not had any problem blowing it out when I'm done. I think Esbit is easy to blow out too. Am I missing something here?

Weird. I haven't used Esbit much but I found it essentially impossible to blow out after burning for a few minutes. I also had no trouble getting it lit.

It is fairly easy to put it out with a piece of wet cloth. It can be lit again after that. Itīs just not recommended because of the fumes.
Besides Esbit stoves are meant for heating a container of defined size. The tablets usually are burnt up by the time you are done anyway (or shortly before, if you failed to shield it from the wind).
If I can afford spillage, I take my Trangia burner.
If it isnīt broken, it doesnīt have enough features yet.