Christmas Cook Kit Update: I'm not sure if Santa helped or hindered my cook kit, but...

The 16 oz stainless steel mug and lid that I kept alcohol stove in has been replaced by two Sea to Summit X Mug collapsible cups. (The stove is now wrapped in a windscreen/pot stand inside a padded carrier that's just big enough to include a 2 oz bottle of fuel and a mini BIC.) The cups are 16 oz each, like the SS mug, but collapse down and fit inside my GSI kettle, along with the Esbit stove (with some hexi tabs inside), a BIC, and my folding cup. He also brought each of the kids a new LMF spork, which replaces their heavier and bulkier plastic spoons.

Brew kit for three - just what I wanted. I ditched a cooking vessel, but I still have two so I didn't need it. I added the extra cup that I wanted, which probably added a few ounces, but I lose an ounce or two with the spoon swap.

It's an addiction. Thank you for that! wink
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