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I have one of these:


A Trangia burner will fit inside, as will an Esbit tablet - and the folding stove will act as a windscreen for those while also supporting your pot. Also, you can feed it with small scraps of wood and bark if you run out of other fuel.

[edit] p.s. - All the pictures of this stove on their website show it with the legs angled inwards, but they can be angled outwards too, if you need to support a larger pot. [/edit]

I like the versatility of the setup. You can get this stove in titanium as well, but the stove is small enough that I'm happy with the heavier stainless version - it doesn't weigh much.

I also have this small folding stoves big brother:


But this bigger one is pretty heavy (made of stainless). An awesome stove, just not a lightweight one. I've got the accessories for this larger one too - the grill plate and the boil plate. My typical use for this larger version is on car-camping trips. If we're not going to have a campfire, this stove will sit on the picnic table, fed with scrap wood and bark, and serves as a heater and something to gaze into as you sit around in the dark. Also good for heating your hot chocolate or roasting marshmallows.

But for a get home bag, I'd recommend the small version at the top of this post.

SO SO SO WANT!!! No funds right now but some day. laugh

EDIT: My hubby works with sheet metal and is determined that he can make something similar to this. I'm really hoping he's right. wink

Bacpacjac, if your hubby works with sheet steel this might be a better model to work from, five flat plates with tabs and no hinges. I've been look at these myself though I don't know if there's any thing similar available in your neck of the woods.