You guys are awesome! Thanks so much. I now have three different cook sets and two stoves in my DAY HIKE KIT! LOL!! An over-packed work in progress, as ever. wink

I should have clarified that this is a strictly urban kit. I'm using this bag as my "more than just a walk to the grocery store" EDC, and regularly stopping for trail-side lunches and snacks with the kids, but it isn't my bushcraft/camping/wilderness bag. It may wander a little far from the pavement occasionally, but this kit isn't intended for wilderness trips planned or otherwise. wink Backpackgirl and I are doing a lot of hiking, and we're moving on foot or bus, or carpooling within suburban/urban areas, and this is my just in case kit for those adventures.

In terms of it being a GHB, I'm planning to be caught outside for a few hours or overnight on a walk home, to couch-surf with a friend or in a bus station during an ice/winter storm or power failure - at worst, with one or both of my kiddos. I'm not packing a saw or an axe in this kit, for example, but do have a plug-in recharging system for my radio and cel phone. As Tom wisely pointed out, I am not going to be lost in the barrens with this bag. wink

When it comes to the stove, I want something to use on the trail and I need something that I can use indoors in a power outtage.

What's in my bag:


*Thermarest Z Seat (attached by side compression strap)
*Fox 40 slim Whistle (attached to zipper)

*cough drops
*Clif bars
*emergency poncho
*baby wipes
*garbage bags

*MP3 Player/Radio, ear buds and charging kit
*Mora LMF Fire Knife
*Leather Wave (Mag Solitare, Ferro rod and cotton in sheath)
*bandana (cotton)
*buff (wicking)
*LED headlamp and one set of extra batteries
*LED Glowstick (Thank you Izzy!)
*Pens and pencil
*lip balm
*Tylenol, Advil, Benedryl, cough drops
*Mini BIC
*Tweezers & safety pins
*Repair needle
*Fire Tin with fatwood, birch bark and jute twine
*Platypus water bag
*duct tape
*signal mirror


*GI poncho
*silk liner gloves
*balaclava (Camo/Blaze orange)
*baseball hat
*9 oz meths for alcohol stove

*FAK (with water filter straw, BIC, whistle, 2 mylar blankets and standard FAK kit stuff)

*Extra Clothes (merino wool hiking socks, merino wool hoodie, leggings, underwear and a wool poncho in dry bag)
*Shelter kit (Heatsheets 2 person blanket, plastic sheet, jute twine, paracord, chem hand and body warmers)
*Hygiene kit (maxi pads, tampons, pull-up diaper, toilet paper, soap, purelle, shami, bandana, extra ziplock bags)
*Bag of Chow (noodles and rice ,tuna, oatmeal, trail mix and hot drinks)
-32 OZ stainless steel water bottle (and fish mouth spreader) nested in 28 OZ Outbound Robson Adonized Aluminum cook pot and lid
-32 OZ GSI kettle (holds ESBIT stove, BIC, stormproof matches, folding cup and the fixings for tea)
-18 OZ Outbound stainless steel mug and homemade lid (holds alcohol stove kit with fancy feast stove, windscreen/pot holder and 4oz of meths)

I made a video showing this kit, but the cookset is obviously still a work in progress. It's heavier and bulkier than I'd like so I'm still fiddling. All suggestions for improvement are appreciated as always! smile
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