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I really like ESBIT. It does stink pretty bad and leaves a crappy residue but it burns great and keeps forever. It's a lot better emergency tinder than Wetfire, too; I promise you that if you count on Wetfire eventually you'll be let down. The packaging seems prone to leaking, and once air hits it it's inevitable that it will fail if you store it long enough. In my experience the stuff just isn't that reliable. But ESBIT is! You could leave a block of it unwrapped on the coffee table and it will still work a few decades later.

Agreed, Phaerus. Wetfire too small and expensive to count on. I like that they're waterprooofish, but it's still not worth it to me to buy more. The cheaper brands in a good waterproof container works better, IMHO. The more I test them, the more I lean to the ESBIT brand tabs. I have to go out of my way to get them, but it's worth the trip if I stock up a bit. wink
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