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Why not carry both, along with some Vaseline cotton balls so that you can start a fire with wood even when it is ridiculously cold? Vargo makes a stove designed to use both fuels - http://www.vargooutdoors.com/triad-xe-multi-fuel-stove.html#.Vnd6FFl2E2A - kind of pricey, but it should do a bang up job.

There is also a three legged Esbit holder that weighs almost nothing. It should work well along with your Fancy Feast stove. Regardless, you will have only a finite amount of fuel and you need to be ready to transition to wood at some point.

I use alcohol a lot and I like it. It is readily available, relatively safe and non toxic (at least compared to petroleum fuels). Keep it in a good tight bottle and it will be just fine. In cold weather, consider sleeping with it so it will work in the cold early morning.

If I am doing serious cooking, I do like canister stoves a lot. They are hot and simple, like some of my old girl friends (my apologies for my sexist comment, but I couldn't resist).

LOL!! wink

Man, I've missed you guys!! Thanks for the awesome advice my friends!

For now I am doing exactly this, hikermor - carrying both, with backup wood fire starting supplies. smile I just added a 9 oz bottle of meths to my pack. (Re-purposed a kids shampoo bottle, and added a Naglene squeeze lid.)
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