I should have mentioned that boiling is my primary goal for this kit. wink

I love the ease and dependability of the esbit, but the residue has been bugging me. I don't mind washing dishes at the end of the day, but in an emergency, I'd like to go with the easiest solution.

I like Wetfire because it will light even when wet, but holy soot, Batman! It's the most expensive and hard to find solid fuel I can get around here too. Coghlans/Coleman hexi cubes are cheap and plentiful, and better but still a mess. Esbit brand is better still but not as clean as alcohol. UGH. Zip - forget it. It will light in a hurricane, i bet, but what a disaster to clean up.

Any weight, leakage concerns with alcohol? Freezing isn't an issue, I think, but cold temps are. Tips? I keep my fuel bottle with the stove and windscreen in an insulated bag in my backpack.


Sharing just cause: My hubby made me a new pot holder/windscreen today. It's a perfect fit with my alcohol stove kit. AWW!!

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