I'm building and testing a new Get Home Bag/Day hike kit and I have a question for a collective:

For an EDC GHB/Day Hike Kit, that you are humping all day - Esbit pocket/hexi stove or fancy feast alcohol stove? My primary goal is a solo kit, but with the capacity to support me and the two kiddos if needs be, either under a lean-to or on a friend's couch in a winter power failure. My standard kit for this bag will be - GSI Halulite kettle, anodized aluminum cook set (800 mL and 300 mL pot & cup), aluminum bottle, stainless steel mug... I've ruled out a canister stove for this bag - but do have one in the family kit. wink

Fuel is obviously finite, so which is better - liquid or solid fuel tabs? We're above freezing for now, but winters usually get to -40C. Alcohol is pretty plentiful, cheaper and easier to find around here, so I'm leaning that way, BUT, the cold is a factor AND I can use my esbit as a wood stove if I needed to...

Help!! THANKS!
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