Tim Gorske, 62, became lost Friday in Colorado while hiking a section of the Continental Divide. He triggered his PLB Sunday AM, and SAR was notified at 10:37AM. They searched that day until 1:30 AM, during which time Tim stayed put. At 8 AM Monday, Tim turned off his beacon, relocated, and turned it on again at 10AM. Around noon Monday, Tim spotted an aircraft, and signaled it with his mirror. The aircraft directed ground SAR to his location.

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The video accompanying the first news story includes a map of the area and a video interview with Tim Gorske. It implies Tim's "PLB" was a SPOT, and mentions the low purchase price of SPOT w/o disclosing the required $150/yr service fee. For a more thoughtful discussion of emergency beacon / messaging options, see:
OutdoorGearLab review of satellite SOS and messaging and OutdoorGearLab Comparison Table

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A signal mirror should backup a radio distress signal, like a 406 MHz PLB (ACR PLB) (Ocean Signal PLB)