Expecting to hoof it home on foot in a Winter storm is possible, but unrealistic.
If your car/ public transit isn't getting through, you probably aren't either.

There have been a few times walking back from the city centre when public transport or taxi services wasn't running during a winter storm. Distance was about 3 miles and height gain would be about 100 metres 330 ft. Typically takes me about 50 min in normal conditions. I would add another 20-25 minutes for the trip in a winter storm. I will usually be wearing a Goretex shell jacket and over trouser if necessary.

There have also been some deaths over the years nearby who have died about 200-300 metres from their house during similar winter storm events who were not found for a few days. Don't attempt it when worst for wear from alcohol during the Christmas party season and if you do you must fight the urge to have a little snow nap on the way back home.

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