Can I say just one thing - all these Companies Big and Small are subject to US law, especially FISA for interception of data and communications. Its not a matter of a company being Big or Corruptible, its about companies being subject to the FISA law. When the Man comes with a court directive, you have attorneys review it, and if you must comply with it you will, under relevant (in this case FISA) law. That's FISA. It isn't an open invitation for corruption, pipelining all data to the NSA or another party, or disclosing wholesale customer data - where exactly is the profit in that??

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In an earlier incarnation I responded to court directives about kiddie porn suspects who hosted and transited data over our internet provider. Smaller job than the terrorist task demanded by FISA. It involved receiving the court directive, validating it as in effect, retrieving their data, and handing it over to law enforcement. A pretty trivial task. This simple process has messed me up for the past 15 years. You can't take back the horror and mind mess that kiddie porn purveyors let pass over their internet accounts. The stuff they traffic in gets captured by internet providers, which is how they get caught. It will mess you up.

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