SO.. I am making supper tonight and I go to open a bottle of pasta sauce (what, you think I make my own from scratch?). It's the standard glass jar with metal lid. I don't exactly have super strength monster hands so when I was a teenager I came up with an idea. Why not vibrate the lid off?

So I took out a knife and with the back side of the blade, I strike a series of sharp taps on the rim while rotating the jar. Presto, I can then open the jar with ease. It works EVERY time. The trick is sharp taps which create micro vibrations in the lid and thus release the vaccumm seal. I found out later that my idea, isn't exactly original but I honestly figured this out by myself. smile As opposed to other methods I've seen, there is almost no chance of injury due to prying or forcing of the lid and this only takes a few seconds.

So, how about you? Do you know any simple little tricks around the house that you would like to share with others?