Just an FYI, in case someone's going knife shopping in Ontario.....

I went to my local Sail outdoor store today to pick up a couple of things and to have a look at the new Mora LMF knife. I thought it would make a great prize for the Winter Mock Bug-out Contest. I was disappointed that they don't sell Moras but even more disappointed by the guy at the knife counter. He told me "Nope, we don't sell them but they're owned by Fiskers so pretty much the same thing as any Fiskers or Gerber knife." HUH? Mora is the same as Gerber. Riiiiiiiight!

This is the second time in two months that I've received bad information from one of their staff. (The last time was when a guy sold me the wrong fuel canister for my stove.) I will be sending a letter to the company to share my experiences with them, but given how intensely we feel about Gerbers around here, (We either love em or hate em, it seems) I thought I'd share for the giggle and the reminder to take advice given with a grain of salt, especially from retailers.
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