My take on it is that they created the larger Bio-lite home stove for remote locations to add burning efficiency, create less emissions and to generate power. Designed for 3rd world sitations, the thermal generator makes use of the heat to operate the fan. Surplus energy from the stove can be used to charge small electronics where there is no or limited electrical facilities.

Then they created the smaller portable version for "backpacking". They are probably hoping that proceeds from the selling of the backpacking version will subsize the homestove production for the 3rd world. In that, I hope they succeed and it seems to be a worth while goal.

On the marketing to the eco-geeks who feel the need to bring their electronics with them on every trip -- meh, not so much. If it charged things like sat phones and gpsr, etc that would make more sense to me but really who needs to charge their iphone, etc.