Reminds me of the (probably true) story about the rich guy at the beginning of WW2. Looked far and wide for a place to be safe. Decided on the Pacific Ocean, far from the european difficulties. Moved to a small island group called the Solomon Islands. Nice little place named Guadalcanal.

There is no safe harbor, but mobility might help in escaping the local problem. That is one of the reasons we have wheels on our house.

Tried the boat idea. It is much more difficult (and expensive) than it appears.

As to the likelyhood of some large event. I worked with some folks from Germany that were well off (middle class, mechanical engineers) before the war and survived by eating grass and small rodents. They had no idea that their modern and comfortable life could possibly be so disrupted. First time I went over to their house, they pointed out their need to have food stuck in every corner. They knew it seemed odd, but just could not help themselves. Empty space, fill it with a can. Their stories had quite an impact on me.

I do plan for such an event, but the majority of my effort along that line goes for much more likely events. The more likely the more effort.

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