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Not super worried either. The updates still have it mostly brushing past us

I have only once had to track a Hurricane for my own safety and lemme tell ya updates and predictions on the news changed A LOT the entire time. The consensus was it was gonna go out to sea and just tickle us....Then we was told to evacuate. Shortest vacation we have had for the 12 years of the same location same time.

Yeah, I've been noticing that smile

Yesterday morning the edge of the cone was still off shore. Now the track moved from the dead center hitting Philly (last night) to nearly Baltimore (this morning). In 24 hours we've gone from "just outside" to "halfway in" the cone of probability.

Probably hit up the grocery store tonight - TP, milk, but that's about it. Charging up our silly FRS radios as a back-up. Need to eye my stash of batteries, but I think I'm OK.

As for wife at the hospital - she's pregnant too. Only 25 weeks though, way too early!