Bacpac your over the limit on PM's so i'll just post this here,good info for those of you who would want a hooded poncho from a Army poncho liner or blanket.

this is not the best of photos but it shows how well the hood
covers your head.with the hood your neck is also covered unlike just wearing a watch cap and poncho.

this photo shows how the seamstress cut the long end of the
poncho to get the parts for the hood.the poncho is 7X5 feet
so the parts cut for the hood from the outside edges of the
front did not seem to make any difference when i walked or
sat,i was still covered.

and this is how the hood looks finished.note that she just
cut the parts square,rectangle really,to keep the sewing
easy.she asked about a drawstring but i wanted it kept you can see in the first photo my head gets full
coverage.oh yes..the cut parts are 15X12 inches and as you
can see the cutouts were sewin over with nylon tape.
well thats about all i can think of,a blanket poncho would
be a great project!!..any question just ask--

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