IRELAND - This State Sized Island Nation, -about the Size of West Virginia, -is a COOL, at Least Largely Wild!, Great Outdoors Area of our World! These are the Great and Green, Wild Clean Irish Outdoors!

Much of Ireland, Especially it's Ruff and Rocky Western Coastal Face, is Very Wild! And Ruggedly and Rockily Undeveloped! Often Entirely so!

Much of this is the Well Known Irish "Gaeltacht", the Celtic Old Country, now mostly in Ireland's West. For Both Better and Worse, They still Cling Tenaciously and Admirably, to Old Irish Ways! As also Does New, More Modern and Developed Ireland, the Celtic Tiger, Do so for Better or Worse too, in it's Other Ways. You will Meet Both Kinds, were you to Visit or Try to Survive in Ireland.

There are Many Friendly, Helpful, Conscientious, Hospitable, Down to Earth Types in Ireland! That can Help you Greatly!, as Far as Seeking Local Knowledge and Advice is concerned. Merry and Jolly Old England!? -How Bout Trying on Merry and Jolly Old Ireland!, for Size! That is when *Some* of Them Aren't being Too Down, Glum, or Dour about their Rain! That could Account for at least a Lot of that! Blame It on the Rain! But there's the Jolly Good Time Side of Them too! There is Much Exemplary and Upstanding!, in Many of Them. As a Visitor or Survivor there, This will be one of the Things you Run Into! Along with their Rich Reserves of "Local Knowledge Help"! Tune and Tap Into it!, if you ever Have to Survive there!

This Wild, Free, Natural, Open, Spacious, Ruff, Rugged, Rocky, Often Forested, Hilly and Mountainous, Soaked and Swampy, Rural and Rustic, Undeveloped, Untouched, Unspoiled, Isolated, Cool, Clean, Crisp, Clear, (When the Quite Ever Cloudy Skies will Permit It!), Fresh, Foggy, Misty, Rain Soaked, COOL Irish Countryside Wilds!, and Great Irish Outdoors!

It Does so Qualify, as One of the World's Great Remaining Wild Places!, if Not Among it's Greatest.

Ireland is All These Things and More!

It is More than just the Land of Shamrocks, Leprechuans and their Pot of Gold, Feisty Whisky Drinkers, Potatos, Clancy Lowered the Boom types, Great World Class Literature and Theater, Blarney Stone, Northern Ireland News, or St Patrick Complete with his Parades and Day!

Towards an Accurate Picturing of some of it's Scene and Backdrop, -A Small Part of it is now a Part of the United Kingdom, but Most of the Island Nation is it's own Independent Republic.

It Directly Faces both the Angry North Atlantic!, and the Warm North Flowing Gulf Stream! The Angry Atlantic comes Complete with their Prevailing Westerlies!, and with Torrents of Marine West Coast Climed Rains! It No Less Faces the Angry North Atlantic, than Canada's Labrador, Norway's Fiords, Greenland, Iceland, Maine's Rocky Coast, or Other Similar North Atlantic Locations Do!

Ireland is First in Line!, to Get this Onslaught! It Often can Rain as Much as 9 Days out of 10, Especially on it's Exposed West Coast!

However, Much of this Rain is a Gentle Drizzle or Mist, the "Softies" (or Something Similar), as the Irish Put it. The Rain is Often on the somewhat Warm or Mild Side, as well. More of a Warm than a Cold Rain!

But Don't be Misled! Ireland gets it's Downpoured Torrents!, and More than just a Few! She's Still one of the Foremost Rainfall Areas of the World! Other Cool Areas of the World certainly Get Theirs! But Ireland Gets Inordinately More!

Still, it's Not like every Last Day of the Year is a Wet and Rainy One! (OK, Maybe a Wet One, at least so Far as the Ground is concerned!) Even on the Rain Soaked West Coast! Let Alone in How it Gets Increasingly Less Rainy, the Further Eastward you go! Such as on Ireland's Great Central Shannon Plain, and it's Eastern Coast. The Sun Does Shine Sometimes!, in Ireland! Even if sometimes as only a Brief Break in the Clouds.

Someone's Remarked to me, that Whenever you Fly Out of Shannon, and After Clearing the Clouds a Bit, -You're in Blazing Sunshine! On Any Day of the Irish Year, -Even on Those of the Grayest, Rain Drenched Downpours!, Beneath your Cloudbank and just Below! A World of Difference!, Between you on the Aircraft, and Someone Standing Below you on the Ground! Maybe just Thousands of Feet Away from you! Something to Think About!, for a Moment. The Cloud Hidden Irish Skies Belie It! It's Gray, Rain Soaked Opposite!, is a Predominant Irish Reality!

Much of the Irish Soil, is of an Ever Wetdamp, Soakenness and Sogginess! Especially in the River Valley Lowlands, Lake Areas, and Many Bogs! The Country certainly has it's Share of Swamps and Wetlands, -Probably More Than it's Share! Though at least some of these have been Drained or Filled In, in Development projects. This After All, is Where Ireland and Other Boggy Wetland Areas of the World, Get their Rich Peat Reserves from! How they've been Able to Come By it! With it's Great Survival and Country Living Uses as Fire Fuel!, Among Other Things. No Rain and Wet!, -No Bogs or Wetlands, -No Peat!

Over Rich in Water!, Ireland will be the Last!, or One of the Last!, Places ever to be Adversely Affected by any Current or Upcoming World Water Crisis!

Hurricane Force Winds can and Do Often Blow!, Up on West Coast Locales such as the Cliffs of Moher! Cliffs and Ridges of course often have a Way of being Like That!

A Freak, North Swinging Hurricane!, by the way, is Thot to have Struck and Swepted Across Ireland, Only about a Decade Before the Potato Famine Hit! (No Connection Implied) They Call it something like "The Night of the Big Wind"! For a Hurricane, however, -It Puzzles me Why it occurred in January!, -Well Outside of Hurricane Season!

The Angry Atlantic and the Prevailing Westerlies Bring that Wind and Rain!

The Warm Gulf Stream, Moderates Things up at this reasonably Northern Locale, a Good Bit!

A certain Mitigating and Cancelling Effect, Occurs so between the Two! Between the Cold Northern Latitudes!, and the Warm Watered South!

It Doesn't Really Ever get Cold up here! (Except of course, Higher Up on Irish Mountains! -Ireland Does have Low, but a Beautiful and Definite!, Island Ringing, Set of Mountains!)

But it also Never gets anywhere near Hot up here!, either!

She is COOL Right Down the Middle! -If also Immensely and Inordinately Wet! Thanks Due to that Moderating Gulf Stream!, a Foremost World Warm Ocean Current! It Enmildens Things!, in this Irish, and Many Other, Necks of the "North Atlantic Woods"!

It just so Happens, that She is Too Far Ocean Warmed and Too Far South, to be within the Grips of the North Atlantic COLD! Yet also Far Enuf North and Within, to Ever be Hot!

As Such, Ireland is a COOL One!

It's One of the World's Few Non-Continental Members, of Such COOL Club! New Zealand, Tasmania, Japan's Hokkaido, Denmark's North Atlantic Faroes Islands, Scotland and Wales as a Part of the Great British Island, and Some of the East Canadian Maritimes, -are the Only Others. These Select, Few, Sizable, Well Placed, COOL World Islands, -Seems to Break Man's General, Prevailing Rule!, as in the Last Several Hundred or More of Years, that has Come About! Continental Development just Hasn't Reached them yet! And May it for at least the Very Most Part!, -Never So Come About!

Ireland, however, Skirts and Flirts Right on the Fence Edge of This! It just Begins to Straddle this Fence so! Much More so than any of it's COOL Island Mates! Being so Close to Britain and Europe as it is!, -It has More than a Little Development, in Many Areas. Even if a Lot of that, is "Only" Age Old Pasture and Farms. Much Forest has been Cut Down over the Centuries. But at least Many Forest Areas Still Stand!, as Well! And Reforestation Programs Do take Place. A Good Bit of now Longstanding Development. Still, Even So!, It's Well Entrenched in the Still Yet Wild Camp! And Promises to be So, for a Long Long Time yet to Come!

Once you Get just a Little Outside of Dublin!, -You've Arrived into it's Cool, Country Wilds! Even Dublin is Very Much so Itself! It's Nearly Alone, as an Irish City of any typically Urban Size! Even there in the Dub, You Havn't got Far to Go!, Before you're in the Irish Wild Country!

I Can't say that Ireland is Sparsely Settled, -But I Can't say that it is Heavily Populated either!

Ireland Well Makes it in!, to Earth's Wildest Places. Scotland, Wales, and Honshu Japan, -even with their Great Subsets of Wilds!, -Do Not.

(Vast Continental COOL and Temperate Areas of course also Exist!, thruout our World. But They as a Vast and General Rule, -are All Too Often Well Populated and Developed!, and as Such are No Longer All Round Wild! Europe, the Eastern U.S., Some of European Rusha, Developed Southeastern and Southern Brazil, and so on. As such, They will Not be Covered here under Earth's Wildest Places. But it Must be Honorably Mentioned, that They Often Have some Very Great Wild Areas entwined Within!)

This is Ireland's Great, COOL, Wet, Wild Outdoors!

Now How would you Go About Surviving there!, if you Had To!?

First of All, It's Settled Enuf, that it Wouldn't be Long Before you Found some Friendly, if a Bit Guarded, Helpful Irish Country Folk! You'd Soon Reach Farmhouses, Small Towns, and Settlements and Such! Andor Authorities of some sort. Though in some Really Wild, Rocky Western Areas, -You might have to First Walk a Dozen or Two's Miles, Before Coming Across Someone so. You wouldn't have to Really Full Out Survive, for very Long, in Ireland. You'd Soon be on your Way Back to the World! Irish SAR and Such, Shud be OK to Good, and maybe even Great. You're in the Developed First World, and an English Speaking Area, as well! Those are Good Survival Helps!

Food, -Plentiful! Also, Avail yourself of their Ubiquitious Potatos! And Plant some of your Own! Though you probably Won't have to Survive, for asd Long as it Takes them to Grow! Do Similarly regarding Other Crops and Garden Vegetables!

Fresh Water via the Lakes, Streams, Rivers, and Rain!, -of course Plentiful!

Fish, both Freshwater and Ocean, -Plentiful! Fish in either the Interior Waters!, andor Along the Seacoast! Gather Other Beach Life and Seafood!, as well! Beware though!, of the Rocky Coast!, Ruff, Cold, Salty, Hypothermic Waters!, Outgoing Currents, Rips, and Undertows. And Any Adverse and Dangerous Combinations of the Preceeding!

Fire Fuel, -Plentiful!, at least in Peat and Other Non Woody Plant Forms, Dependeing on your specific Local Area. More Woody Firewood Fuel can be more Problematical, Though also Plentiful in Many Areas!

Shelter Materials, -both Plant Based and Rock and Soil Based, -Plentiful! When it Comes to Dwellings and Shelter, The Irish Use their Abundant Grassy Plant Material, for Roof Thatching. And Have been Doing so for Ages. You Do so Too!

Sun Sightings, -Very Much *Not* Plentiful!

You Have Most of your Survival Needs in Abundance! You'd just Have to be Working in the Wet Ground and Rain!, to *Do* a Lot of That in! Prepare and Assure Yourself of Rain Protection! And Keep Warm and Dry!

Working your Way to the Coast here, is Not so Critical as it can be in Other Parts of the World! But it can nevertheless be somewhat Advisable. Small and Waterways Rich a Country as it is!, -It Shud Not Take you Long to Get to one of it's Coasts!, in any event.

In the Event you for a While nevertheless Did Have to Survive there!, Ireland and Irish Survival would basically Come Down to;-

-Cool Temperate, Moorland, Swamp, Forest, Mountain, Grassland, Rainland, and Ocean Seacoast!, -Types of Survival.

This is the Great, Wild, Cool, Irish Outdoors! And This is the General Survival Imperatives within Such.

You might be One who just Likes to Stay! Unless you're Someone hoo Loves!, and Doesn't Want to Dispense with the Sun! If you Don't Mind Not Having that!, You might just be Someone who'd Like to Stay! In a Living, as Oppossed to a Pure Survival, Role. In Cool, Wild Ireland, as perhaps your First or Second Home! These are the Great, Cool, Wild, Irish Countryside and Outdoors!

I for one Will Take!, and Not Dispense with the Sun! This is Where we Shall now Next Go!, in our Surveytour of the World's Greatest Wild Places! Put your Arctic and Rain Gear Aside now! Fill up your Canteen with some of that so Abundant Irish Water! For it's Off to the World's Searing, Sunny, Parched Dry!, of World Wild Places ARID And DESERT! The COOL COLD was Great! But Now it's Time to Warm Up Some!

SOME WORDS ON SCOTLAND And WALES - Scotland and Wales are Beloved Cool, Wild Places of Mine! Outdooresedly and Otherwise! Cool, Mountainous, Forested, Heathed, and Moored!

And though Much within them is Often Quite Pristine, Untouched, and Wild! -Complete with their Own sort of Survival Challenges and Imperatives too!, -They Overall are somewhat "Over the Developed Line"!, so to speak! Into Too Much of their Developed, Surrounding, British and European World! -To Really be Able to be considered within the World's Wild Places! And so They are Not Covered here.

They Too once Magnificently Were! Just Turn the Clock Back, Several Hundred or More Years! But in Today's Developed Here and Now?, No!, Unfortunately Not!

Being a "Internally Wild" as Much of They Are!, however, -I will Not Fail to Give Them their Deserved and Due Honorable Mention!

Cheers!, Scotland and Wales! -To You and All your Great Remaining Areas of Outdoor Wilds!

SOME WORDS ON THE CANADIAN MARITIMES - These Too, are Great, Spando, Cool Wild Areas of the Canadian Outdoors! Their Non-Inclusion is Not Due to any Nearby Development Considerations. But Simply that they've Already been Covered under CANADA'S WILDS within COLD. If in Not too Much Attention or Words! With the Exception that Such Eastern, Canadian Maritime Provinces, are More COOL than COLD!

Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Anticosti, the Magdalens, France's St. Pierre et Miquelon, Prince Edward Island, Sable Island, Gaspe, the Grand Banks, and Quebec at the Mouth of the St. Lawrence! Also the Labrador Coast, though thats Starting to Get into the Cold! Let Them now Get the Honorable Mention they Deserve!, as a World's Great, COOL, Wild Place! My Hat's Off to Them!, as Much as earlier to Scotland and Wales!

A WORD ON THE FAROES - This is a Small, COOL to COLD, Ruff Weathered aqnd Sead, Rocky Island Group, a Good Bit Northwest of Scotland, Off Tord Iceland's Direction. They had Not been Gotten to so Far, This right here's their Intended Place.

They are Sparsely Populated by a Hardy, Scandanavian, Fishing and Sheepraising Group. They are a Possession of Denmark, but They very Much are Set Up to Run their Own Affairs. It's Capital is at the Small Fishing Town of Torshavn.

Survival and Conditions are essentially the Same as with Other such Lone and Lonely, Cold, Ruff, Rugged, Rocky, Wind and Sea Lashed, Non-Forested, Etc,Etc,Etc, High Latitude Islands as we've already mentioned. Much like Jan Mayen!, Minus Jan's Volcanos!, and being More South, perhaps somewhat Warmer!, but Not Neccessarily by Much! It's still in the High Latitudes!, though Below the Arctic Circle.

This is Another of the Few Isolated World Islands being Spoken on Outside of ISOLATED WORLD ISLANDS.

The Faroes make for a Good Little "Rough Rock",and Sea Survival Challenge! After All, we're talking about the Angry North Atlantic!, and Quite High, Arctic Approaching Latitudes!, again.

AFTERWORD -Now It's Out of This COOL COLD!, And Into the Expanses of Our ARID DESERTS! Let's Both now Get into a New, Desert Frame of Mind! [color:"black"] [/color] [email]ScottRezaLogan[/email]

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