This is now a Continuation of "Earth's Wildest Places,-COLD", which will now deal with "The Greenland Icecap"

THE GREENLAND ICECAP,- In many ways, this is quite similar to Antarctica. Some Notable Differences exist also, which Bodes somewhat Better, for a Survival Situation.

One of these is the Added Advantage that you'd have, in there being Far Less Distance to Travel to it's Coasts. For Greenland, -even as still the World's Largest Island, is yet Far Smaller than Antarctica.

Here too, you would want to head downward onto it's more Lowland Coasts. In many locations, you may have some Large Ice Cliffs, or Bare Rocky Mountainsides to Descend, in order to do so. Plus the ever present Dangers of Ice Crevices, Shiftings, and so on. If you successfully do so, you then have the same sort of Coastal Advantages, and Dangers, as mentioned earlier with Antarctica. As well as Much the Same Dangers and Survival Imperatives in the Greenlandic Interior!

For Greenland too is a Massive, Sprawling, Icesheet! It contains a Full 10% of the World's Ice! It's about as High and Thick as the Antarctic Icesheet. Some Two Miles Worth, in each case! It only Pales in Square Area, of such Sprawlance.

Antarctica contains some 90% of the World's Ice, to Greenland's 10% or so.

And Antarctica's in something of a Colder Position, Astronomically and Geographically speaking. But Not terribly much more so!, -Greenland Runs Up with it, Respectfully Enuf!

If Stranded and Forced to Survive thereon, You here too, Shud Do very much as you'd Do in the Antarctic. The Same sorts of Survival Imperatives, The Same sorts of Survival Practices and Priorities.

I'm sure that Wind is Much of the same concern, Temperatures are largely in the same league, High Altitudes are much the same here too, and you've got the same Half Year, Midwinter Long Darkness, as well!

Distances are only Friendlier, though. They are generally Much Shorter, in that this "Green" Land is Much Smaller.

Substantially More Population exists along it's Coasts too, as oppossed to Antarctica. Though this also is only Relative. There's No such thing, as a Greenlandic Eastern (or Western) Seaboard! And the Greenlandic Interior is as Entirely Uninhabited, as the Antarctic Interior, or some of the Earth's Other Wildest Places, -Are.

More Sea and Air Traffic, occurs along the Greenlandic Coasts, than over the Antarctic, as well.

And I think there's even more Coastal Animal Life, in the way of Seals and Birds, than you might find along the Antarctic Coast. There in the Antarctic, you might be Limited to it's Great Penguin Colonies only.

So though Much the Same, a Greenlandic Survival Situation Does have some Distinct Advantages over an Antarctic One.

Greenland and it's Icecap are incidentally Quite Surprisingly Near! At least from where I now type from in this World. ( the Northeastern U.S.) Thousands of Giant Icebergs Calve from it every year, Making for an Iceberg Alley that I am even Closer to. I've heard of the Very Loud Crunching Grind sound that they make!, as they come in say to the Newfoundland Coast! It must be Really Something to Behold and Hear!

Refer to the Previous Antarctic COLD Survival Post, for more specific Survival Techniques, Practices, and such. In that so Much the Same Applies here, as there. [color:"black"] [/color] [email]ScottRezaLogan[/email]

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