As I said in Part One, I'll be Addressing the Survival Aspects of this Thread, here in Part Two. This is in the interests of Space Saving, Towards keeping a given post from getting longer than I'd like. I'm now Addressing and Answering such Survival Aspects here. However, my written out ruff drafts show that even this second part, may become as long as the first. Thereby, I'll divide this up into several Parts / Posts, as well. - "Cold" , "Arid and Desert" , "Jungle and Forest" , "Mountain", a brief one on "Caves", another brief one on "Swamps", follwed by another brief one on "Steppes and Grasslands" , to wrap up with "Oceanic". This post right here, is a general Introduction.

I also mentioned there in Part One, that I'll now be covering primarily the various Geographic, Climatic, or Other Environmental Conditions of such Wilderness Areas. In how they bear so much on Survival Aspects as they do.

Once again, I am still a Relative Newcomer to many of the Nuts and Bolts of Survival and Preparedness Gear, -our many Kits, BOBs, and whatall. And judging from the many Back Posts I've read, I'm Far from the only one. However, from reading such Posts, I've got a pretty good Nodding Acquaintence with them by now. But I by No means claim to be a Knowledgeable Expert or Such, in that particular Area yet. That shall come. Or at least I shall come to move a Lot Farther in that Direction.

Meanwhile, I Do have at least a Good Sense and Knowledge, of Other Areas and Aspects of Survival. Such as given Geographic Areas and their Conditions. I won't here Address particular Equipment Issues, but I will Address Areal Ones and such. These are some of the Other, Many Great Aspects, of our overall Survival and Preparedness Onions!

And so I'll be Addressing primarily these underlying Survival Related Conditions, here, regarding Earth's manifold Wildest Places. [color:"black"] [/color] [email]ScottRezaLogan[/email]
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