Well, while Long and Always filled with that Traveler Spirit, I've done little actual traveling so far, and for Not all that Far. This is Due chiefly to being of small means for much of my life. Perhaps I've been there in Spirit many times!, but Not in actual Reality.

Not that I havn't Traveled any now! I've occassionally have been from Boston to NYC, (This only on a Late Night, Underground, Amtrak pass thru, so it was quite essentially no NY experience at all.).

I've also been to Philly, (The Liberty Bell a Highlight.), to Atlantic City and the New Jersey Pine Barrens, to Erie, to Cleveland, Columbus, Cincy, Wild Wonderful West Virginia, and Washington DC.

Onward across Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Richmond, Thru North Carolina, Westernmost South Carolina on one occassion, Myrtle Beach on another. Also to Northwest Georgia and the Atlanta Area, (including Stone Mountain of which I've already Fondly talked on.)

And an Airline Flight from Hartsfield to Orlando and Back, and another Round Trip Airline Flite from Cleveland to Tampa on another occassion, to the Kennedy Space Center, Alligator Alley from the Naples FL Area eastward to the Miami Area, then from there all the way down the Keys to Key West.

That's the Extent of my Traveling. Enuf to Feel that I've finally got to do some Real Traveling for Once! But still limited to the Eastern U.S. only. I've never yet been out of my own Eastern Time Zone, I havn't even yet been across the nearby border and Lake into Quite Nearby Canada. -I'm Thus Not International yet.

But No, Due to my usually limited means, I Havn't Really gotten into any Far Away or International Travel yet! But that takes Nothing away from that Traveler's Spirit and Mindset!, that I'm so Imbued with! From This, as well as from my Great Love of the Great Outdoors, and a Geographical "Globe Consciousness" -Do I come up with my list of the World's Wild Places, as I have! But No, I unfortunately have Not actually have been able to be at any of these Places yet! So I Cannot yet give any such Firsthand Accounts of Experience.

But I certainly Do plan to Get Out and Do some more Traveling, in my Lifetime! -Farther and "Better" kind of Traveling, of course.

Crater Lake, Oregon!, for instance, is a Must on my To Do list! This Spando Lake and National Park, has Always been More than a little Special to me! I've of course seen many a Photo of it all my Life!, I've Read About it, and Such! Gotta Go See that Place for myself!, Sometime! And I've Slated and Resolved that I Will!

The Grand Canyon is yet Another! President Teddy Roosevelt said something about that being the Site that every American ought to Go See! But that's not specifically why I want to go, I'd Want To Go just as Much, even had he Not said a single word.

Then of course there's Bryce Canyon, Arches and Zion National Parks, the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert, and Many Things Else!

And as I say in the Thread, "Walking Around the World", I've got my Mind and Heart set on, -Someday Making a Trip Around the World myself!, -though again, Not by Walking!

I'm Gonna at Least Get to the Canary Islands!, Thats Quite a Place!, as my personal Likes and Tastes Go. It's substantially More of a Draw for me than even Crater Lake! The Azores is another Great Place, as is Madeira.

Yes, I certainly would Like to also Get to at least one, maybe at least some, of the World's Wild Places as I've mentioned,- sometime in my Lifetime! I may yet be able to Do so, or I may Not. Better of course if I Can. But even if circumstances have it that I do not, that's basically Allright too! I'll Continue to be Well Knowledged and Spirited of These!, as Always! Others will have to be Consulted, for Direct, On Scene, Impressions, regarding the World's Wild Places as I've mentioned.

I will Address your Asking of Survival Aspects and Implications of such Worldwide Wild Places, in another Post here in this Thread, -Towards keeping this one here from going on too long! It will Come. I'll also there talk some on, various Climatic, Geographical, and Etc Characteristics of these Areas, which Determine so much, their various Survivability Aspects.

I'll now go back to my original Wild Places lists, to mention some of my Topmost Places from such!, that I will Really Like to perhaps Someday be Able to Go to!

Concerning Antarctica, that Great Southern Ice Continent!, -I'd like to someday at least get down onto it's Palmer Peninsula. This may well not get beyond an Ideal, but it would sure be Nice to someday be able to go! I've Always had a certain Like and Love for Antarctica, and All the Great, Spandiferous Exploration as has Gone On there! Scott, Shackleton, Byrd, McMurdo, Amundsen, the Volcano Erebus, Ross Ice Shelf, -You Name It! This is some 90% of the World's Ice, as is the Next Item on my List, Greenland and It's Icecap, coming in at some 10% of the World's Ice. And It is quite comparatively Near!

I Want to Get Into a Good Cave or Two!, sometime. I've already been to my own local Laurel Caverns, Unique in it's Own Right. The Untouched Pristineness of Caves!, is Something Else! Of course there are Great Survival and Safety Factors in Caving too! How many Cavers might we have in our Gang?!

The Andes sometime?, Yes! as well as Venezuela's Tepuis, -Great and Unique, Mesa like Tablelands! There's a Good Number of those down there, as well. This is where Angel Falls gets it's Fame. And I'd also like to Take a Good Stroll, Deep in the Unadulterated Amazon. These and Other Latin American Aspirations, such as Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, -Do have some Actual Chance, of someday Actually Coming About!

I'd Really Love to Go to the Sahara, That May or May Not some day Come About. Papua New Guinea and Indonesia's West Irian, is essentially the same story. Australia Stands a Slightly Better Chance. Ayer's Rock and the Olgas, are Musts there! Saudi Arabia's Rub al Khali, or "Empty Quarter", I believe is Out! The Typical Westerner Can't even get into that Country!, No Derogation to Them Intended. This EQ is an Extension of the Sahara, in a general sense.

Siberia is a Possibility, of someday being Gotten To! It's Not All that Far over the Water, from Alaska's Nome and Seward! And Alaska and Canada aren't terribly inaccessible or anything from here themselves! Kamchatka!, to which I'd also Really like to Go someday, is less likely, but Still Possible!

Iceland!, I Really Want to Go there someday! And Well May! It's reasonably Near, and Icelandair Flites aren't all that costly or Difficult to Get!

Chances are Good that I won't get to various Isolated World Islands, but some of that remains on my Ideal Wish List! (The Canaries there Don't Count!, I Sure Want to be Going There!, and Quite Likely someday Will ! )

The Great American West!, the Adirondacks, Mt. Mitchell, and the Wilds of Maine certainly are at some time, gonna be within my Reach!, and I'll someday be so Going!

Due to Travel Limitations and Distance, I Havn't Been to any of Those Wild Places yet! But They Remain quite Fondly in my Heart and Mind!, I can in the Meantime Know and Familiarize myself with Such Well. And Someday when Possible, So Go! I may well be Going to One or a Few of These!, at some point. Of course Not to All of Them, -Save in Heart and Mind!

This is All for now! The Other Part concerning Survival Aspects shall come later. Again, I Don't want this post to be any longer than Neccessary! But I Want to Address your Points, and Answer your Questions too. Perhaps I could have done it with fewer words, -on this one, I'm not so sure about that. Concerning Survival Aspects, -I'll say right now, is that this still Newcomer me, is Not yet all that up on Kits and the like, though I've a Good Nodding Familiarity on them by now. So I'll be mostly Addressing the Environmental Conditions affecting such Survival Aspects. This is All for now.

Once Again, -My Regrets on my Length. I Don't plan to make a Habit of it!, and I've Cut a Good Page and a Half or so of it Off, in my Additional Editing. [color:"black"] [/color] [email]miniMe[/email]

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