The World's Wildest Places, -There are still Plenty! Here is my list of what I consider the Top Dozen, followed by that of my Own top 12.

All Lists are in a Descending Order,-from my Favorites on "Down".


- 1. Oceans Worldwide, both Undersea and Surface.

2. Antarctica and It's Icesheet.

3. Caves, -Undersea, Ice, and All Remaining Land Ones.

4. The Greenland Icecap.

5. The Highest Mountain Ranges the World Over, especially the Andes and Himalayas / Tibet.

6. The Sahara Desert, including it's Tibesti and Other Mountain Ranges.

7. Papua New Guinea and West Irian.

8. The Central African Rainforest. ( Congo-Zaire )

9. Australia with it's Deserts, Outback, and Great Red Center.

10. The Amazon and it's Basin / Watershed.

11. The Arctic Ocean with it's Large, Virtually Uninhabited Islands.

12. Saudi Arabia's Empty Quarter.

My Own Personal Top 12 World's Wildest Places-

1) The Sahara, 2) The Andes, 3) Antarctica, 4) The Himalayas and Tibet, 5) Caves of All Sorts, 6) Woods and Forests Everywhere, 7) New Guinea and West Irian, 8) The Greenland Icecap, 9) The Amazon, 10) Siberia, 11) The Wilds of Canada, especially it's North and Rockies / West, and 12) Patogonia and Tierra del Fuego. ( Along with it's Cape Horn, of course.)

Some Important additional personal Roundouts would be, (in also generally descending order), Kamchatka and the Kuriles, Iceland, Venezuela's Tepui Tablelands, China's Sichuan-Yunnan Area, Borneo-Sumatra and Other Indonesian Jungles, Australia and it's Outback, the Atacama, the Gobi and Sinkiang, Alaska and the Aleutians, the Great American West, the Kazakhstan Area, the Caucass Range, Madagascar, the Ethiopian Highlands, the Wilds of Maine, the World's Oceans, and Isolated World Islands, ( Kerguelen, Etc.)

Now perhaps Working from these Lists as an additional Aid, -What would be some of Your's? ( It Need Not be as many as a Dozen) Along the Lines of " 10 Greatest Tools", What would be Your Favorite Wild Places?, from Across the Face of our Still Vast, Wild World? [color:"black"] [/color] [email]ScottRezaLogan[/email]

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