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In your blog you say
smile Well, a straight-wall will most definitely work , given adequate gap (10mm, or 8mm-12mm) I refer you to Pot Skirt Investigation, ETHOS 2010

I believe what the cone shape does better than a straight wall is promote swirling (venturi effect) at lower temperatures. This might mean slightly cleaner combustion; this might mean longer use-life for the cone; though I believe the difference at this scale is insignificant

I agree with your analysis of the purposes the cone serves
1. Entraps heat near the pot.
- yup, the air entering from the bottom robs heat from the cone (prevents cone melting), ie, the cone preheats primary combustion air (aluminum is reflective)

2. Protects against wind.
- yup, it protects the flame from blowing out
- the holes control the maximum amount of air available for combustion, and thus, maximum firepower

3. Controls internal air flow to maximize heat transfer.
- yup, it forces the hot gasses to scrape against sides of pot to maximize heat transfer (its a hot skirt)

You should definitely check out ( via translate.google.com ) All-round all-weather stove "The most comprehensive all-weather stove"
I really like the cardboard and aluminum foil prison smile its insulative and reflective

No screws or epoxy!! Pop-Up Fosterís Pot and Fin Shells , its a great folding/flanged/aluminum potskirt/windscreen, with 12.5 grams of alcohol ( 1 tablespoon ) it cooks 200 grams of rice in 400 grams of water ( 400 ml ) in a 750ml pot, using LannyPlans Builds an Alcohol Beverage-Can Stove

And this TLUD The Pop-Up Two Buck Stove , esentially the beefier version of the Pop-Up Foster's Pot
Cool stuff! Looks like I've got some reading to do.

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