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Hikin Jim,

Have you looked at the Kifaru stoves? Haven't used one myself, but I've heard good things about them. They are made to go with their shelters.


I've seen those, but only on the internet. The look gorgeous.

Unfortunately, living in a high population, high fire danger zone like Southern California, wood fires are discouraged to say the least. Generally they're illegal unless you're in a developed campground. A developed campground? Sheesh. Where's the fun in that? I'm kidding a little bit, actually I like camping with my family, but my main interest is in back country stuff -- where I can't use wood stoves. I've deliberately stayed away from some well known ones like the Bush Buddy and the Caldera Tri-Ti as well as some really promising new stuff like the Backcountry Boiler or the BioLite since I can't really use them where I live.

Gas, gasoline, kerosene, hexamine, trioxane, and alcohol are the fuels I know.

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